The Bishopsgate background

Bishopsgate offer a comprehensive range of payment methods to suit a multitude of contract requirements. Two of our stand-out methods are PAYE Umbrella and the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) scheme.

When Bishopsgate began trading in 2012, legislation changes in the industry had been fairly few and far between since the inception of the CIS and the umbrella scheme, and companies had a relatively undisturbed time. It is safe to say that since that time we have had to navigate our way through a whole raft of legislative changes and government policies. 

Here at Bishopsgate, we have seen the advantages of joining the industry at such a testing time, and having successfully and proactively embraced the changes that have taken place, have grown rapidly into a compliant and highly established business provider.

We are sure that the future will continue to present us with new challenges, but with the vast amount of experience and expertise that are present at Bishopsgate, we can be confident in the delivery of our product portfolio will meet the business and commercial needs of our clients, from the sole trader to the multi national recruitment agency.

Our business model

We have worked tirelessly over the past few years to develop models and business solutions that can cater for all of our clients. Comissioning the advice of the country's leading tax and legal advisers, we have a wide range of compliant payment solutions that cover all industries and areas of the temporary labour market.

We are of the firm belief that organic growth is just as valuable as new business and have invested heaviliy into developing the way we do business with our clients. We have recently introduced a bespoke online portal which gives our clients the ability to see the real time registration status of their candidates, download all UKBA documents and other reports as well as download payment schedules. We are continuing to add functionality to the portal with the aim of making it into such a powerful and useful tool for our clients, they need not look elsewhere for a business partner.

Our business is built on compliantly building towards a sustainable future, and leading the way in this ever changing industry. To discuss how we can help you lay the foundations or add value to your business, please get in touch.