Submitting your expenses

    • Step 1: Click 'Candidate Login' at the top right of the page.

    • Step 2: Put in your username and password (if you have forgotten either please contact us so we can send you a reactivation link which allows you to reset your portal login details)

    • Step 3: Click on the 'Expenses' tab

click expenses

    • Step 4: Click 'Add Expenses'

click enter expenses

    • Step 5: Enter your expenses.

Select the date:

enter expenses


Select the expense type:

enter expenses


For mileage you will need to fill in all the fields:

enter expenses


However once you have filled this out once, it will remember each journey when you go to submit your mileage next time:

enter expenses


Please note: For all expense types other than mileage, subsistence and use of home as office you will need to upload a receipt for. You have to provide a 'description' for all your expense claims.

Each time you finish adding an expense and what to add a further one, click 'add another expense' and click save:

enter expenses


Once you have finished adding your expenses you will need to 'submit selected' expenses:

enter expenses


They will then move from 'Expenses' to 'Submitted Expenses' and come through to our payroll system.

    • Step 7: Expenses Status

Once your expense comes through to our system we will either accept, reject or ignore your expenses:
Accept = We are happy to process that expense claim
Ignore = We won’t process it right away as we want to contact you regarding it or we are awaiting a receipt.
Reject = Your expense has been rejected. You will get a generic email informing you of this and we will write a more specific reason why we rejected it and this will appear on your online portal, when you click on that particular expense claim:

save expenses

You will also have an expense status overview of all your claims made:

save expenses

If you click on one of your expense claims you will also see a traffic light system based on their status:

save expenses

Red = Rejected (rejected reason available once you click on the particular expense)
Orange = Unprocessed
Green = Processed