In the last five years the outsourcing market has seen significant growth and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The industry has developed to a point that any service or skill can be readily sourced at the touch of a button, a call on the phone or a click of an email. The contribution of outsourced services and skills has enabled the UK industry to grow and develop without long-term fixed cost commitments.  


So, what does this mean for everyone else…. 

  1. The Contractor/Freelancer 

Demand is high, and jobs are plenty. For the self-employed they have the choice and flexibility to work where and when they want. With industries calling out for outsourced resource it is easier than ever to find placements within organisations that they want to work for with terms and conditions that are suitable for them.  


  1. The Client/Agency 

With the outsource market booming clients and agencies can now temporarily procure nearly any product, service or resource as soon as they identify their need for them. The level of competition to provide services and resource means their requirements can be met quickly and cost effectively, meaning they get the best value for their investment.  


How can we Help? 

Bishopsgate are specialists in providing expert payment solutions to both clients/agencies or contractors. Our in-house team of experts are on hand to manage your payment solutions to ensure your outsourcing experience is an enjoyable and beneficial one.  

Whether you are an agency looking to outsource the payment of additional resource, or a contractor, looking for a hassle-free service to manage your payments and tax affairs, then Bishopsgate can help 

 To find out more on how Bishopsgate can take the hassle out of your outsourcing administration then contact one of our experts today through: 

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