Contracting in UK has seen a sharp rise in recent years, with many people deciding to turn to this form of employment. While contracting has its benefits many people worry about the implications of not having a full-time employer. Contracting can mean: 


  • Not having a continuous employment record 

  • Having income gaps between projects 

  • Not receiving holiday, sick and maternity pay 

  • Worrying about tax returns and NI payments 


Whilst the above can cause significant worry and stop some people from venturing into the contracting world, Bishopsgate can help candidates get the most from their contracting experience.  


  1. Continuous employment: Bishopsgates umbrella package can provide contractors with a continuous employment record. Bishopsgate employ contractors on behalf of end clients, therefore for the length of time you use Bishopsgate, regardless of how many projects you work on, you will only be employed by one employer.  

  1. Gaps in income: Bishopsgate have industry links with end clients and agencies looking for contractors. Our network ensures that when you have finished on one contract we can help find you your next one to avoid any payment gaps. In addition to this, once registered with Bishopsgate you can transfer between projects, eliminating the need for lengthy registration.  

  1. Holiday, sick and maternity pay: if you decide to use Bishopsgate umbrella package then you will receive the same benefits as any other employee, this includes holiday, sick and maternity pay. This reduces the stress and planning of these occasions.  

  1. Tax returns and NI payments: Our packages ensure that the right deduction is made to HMRC at the time of payment, eliminating the need for lengthy calculations and tax returns at the end of the financial year, Bishopsgate will take care of all of this on your behalf. 


So, before you disregard contracting as an option, or you already contract but feel you aren’t getting the best out of it, consider the above and make sure you get the most out of your contracting experience.  


How can we help?  

Bishopsgate are specialists in providing expert payment solutions to both clients/agencies or contractors. Our in-house team of experts are on hand to manage your payment solutions to ensure your outsourcing experience is an enjoyable and beneficial one.  

Whether you are an agency looking to outsource the payment of additional resource or a contractor looking for a hassle-free service to manage your timesheets, payment, tax and NI then Bishopsgate can help.  

To find out more on how Bishopsgate can take the hassle out of your outsourcing administration then contact one of our experts today through:  

Calling: 0203 019 4990