How umbrella companies offer job security and flexibility


November 2017 saw the Central Arbitration Committee rule that Deliveroo delivery riders were deemed to be self-employed workers because they have the opportunity to pass on assignments or abandon a job, this ruling was upheld yesterday in the high court.


This ruling has sparked debate over what is fair for those working within organisations that only utilise/assign/instruct a self-employed workforce. Some argue the ruling provides little job security, whilst others maintain that organisations, like Deliveroo, offer a flexible working arrangement which suits their lifestyle.


When accepting a job or assessing your own working arrangements these two items need to be considered, whether the security of being deemed an employee is more important to you than the benefits of flexible working and being in charge of your own work schedule.

Being self-employed means you may have to sacrifice certain benefits that a company employee receives, but in comparison, you get the flexibility of managing your working arrangements based on your own preferences. This is the argument of Deliveroo and many other employers who only offer self-employment opportunities.


This arrangement is not favoured by all, and that is understandable, but it would be unfair to tighten and govern this form of working arrangement when it is suitable for so many. It enables people to work that may not want or be able to commit to a permanent working contract, it provides levels of flexibility that other organisations with a permanent workforce are not able to do. It provides the UK working population with an option, an option for flexible working without the obligations and contractual arrangements.


But for those still unsure about what is more important to them there is a third option, an umbrella company. Bishopsgate Contracting Solutions offer self-employed workers the opportunity to be flexible with their working arrangements and be employed, receiving the same benefits as a PAYE employee. Bishopsgate Contracting Solutions provide continuity of employment and benefits (such as holiday and sick pay) in line with flexible, contract-based work.


For those unsure on which option is best for them and would like further information on how an umbrella company can provide security and flexibility then please contact our dedicated customer relations team on 0203 019 4990.