Recruitment Agency Payroll: Why outsourcing payroll pays off


Managing a recruitment agency is a significant and time-consuming task. Finding and placing candidates, dealing with clients, large volumes of administration, the list goes on, and this is without having to worry about the intricacies of recruitment payroll. We understand why recruitment payroll can be complex, it is not just the recruiters working for the agency that needs to be paid, but the ever-changing pool of temporary candidates. This vast number of workers, which can change day by day makes the management and implementation of recruitment payroll difficult.


With the temporary market continuing to grow, increasing the already heavy burden of the contractor and temporary worker payroll, many recruitment agencies may wish to examine the benefits of outsourcing their recruitment payroll to a reliable payroll services provider. The alleviation and outsourcing of recruitment payroll to an external provider can present a recruitment agency with many benefits:

  1. Cost effective: The time, cost and resource spent on managing recruitment payroll can all add up and provide your agency with a relatively large variable overhead (depending on the number of temporary workers and contractors). Outsourcing your recruitment payroll can see this cost reduced.
  2. Reduces administration: Fluctuations week on week depending on how large your temporary or contractor workforce is can see recruitment payroll administration increase. With an outsourced recruitment payroll provider, this level of administration is removed.
  3. Expert knowledge: Keeping up with the latest legislative changes and employment status of temporary workers can be challenging, especially when it comes to recruitment payroll. Outsourcing your recruitment payroll will mean trained and specialist teams will be dealing with worker queries and status to ensure full UK compliance.
  4. Dedicated service: Outsourcing your recruitment payroll means you will have a dedicated account team working on your behalf, instead of using your internal finance and payroll team to deal with temporary worker and contractor queries.
  5. Accuracy: As pools of workers grow so does the likelihood of a human error. Errors associated with recruitment payroll can be damaging to brand and client relationships, therefore outsourcing to an organisation that specialises in the prompt and accurate payment of contractor and temporary workers can help ensure the accuracy of your recruitment payroll.

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