If you’re a contractor, getting the right umbrella company for you is an important decision.

With changes to current legislation impacting contractors in both the public and private sector, choosing the right compliant umbrella company has never been more important.

Engaging under Bishopsgate’s umbrella payroll service delivers:

  1. Pay date certainty: Bishopsgate pays umbrella payroll weekly, so you can have your pay each week and just in time for the weekend!
  2. Excellent customer service: Bishopsgate has a UK based call centre and is easy to work with; 99.5% of current umbrella employees say they would recommend Bishopsgate to a fellow contractor.
  3. Clear pricing: What you see is what you pay; there are no “hidden extras” or “added charges”. 
  4. Easy to use technology: Bishopsgate’s easy to use portal lets you submit your timesheet quickly and offer updates and clear information on next payment date.
  5. Flexibility: There are no entry or exit costs for the service, giving you complete flexibly to join and leave as your circumstances dictate.

If you or people you know would like to know more about how Bishopsgate Contracting Solutions’ can help you engage under umbrella payroll or wish to discuss any of the above with us, call today on 0203 019 4990 or email us at info@bishopsgatepay.co.uk