When outsourcing short-term contract payments for workers and self-employed individuals it can be difficult and daunting deciding what payment process is right for you. With many organisations offering complicated and misleading packages it has become nearly impossible to make the right decision. Here at Bishopsgate we always recommend our clients use our Umbrella Company. It is a safe and fully compliant model that not only benefits you, the client, but also those you contract.  

The benefits of using an Umbrella Company over any other scheme include: 

  1. Workers receive the same statutory benefits as permanent employees. Advising your short-term workers to use an umbrella company for payment services ensures they receive employee benefits, making you a favourable employer.  

  1. Workers are continuously employed. This ensures workers can be easily transferred between projects without the need for lengthy reregistration processes resulting in you having a steady flow of workers as and when required. This also benefits the worker by providing them with a continued employment record which assists them with life planning. 

  1. All workers are supplied with insurance cover. As part of the package we provide all the required insurances to the worker whilst under our umbrella company employment. This eliminates any financial risk through ensuring all workers working for your organisation are fully and comprehensively insured at all times 

  1. Workers are employed by us. Therefore, we deal with all the applications, payment processes and queries from the worker. We will process their payslips, keep them up-to-date with key information and ensure their documentation remains up-to-date.  

  1. Flexible. The service can be used as and when you want, with as little or as many workers as you require. It is entirely flexible and created to ensure ease and efficiency of processing worker payments.  


How can we help? 

Bishopsgate are specialists in providing expert payment solutions to both clients/agencies or contractors. Our in-house team of experts are on hand to manage your payment solutions to ensure your outsourcing experience is an enjoyable and beneficial one.  

Whether you are an agency looking to outsource the payment of additional resource or a contractor looking for a hassle-free service to manage your timesheets, payment, tax and NI then Bishopsgate can help.  

To find out more on how Bishopsgate can take the hassle out of your outsourcing administration then contact one of our experts today through: 

Calling: 0203 019 4990 

Emailing: info@bishopsgatepay.co.uk