Bishopsgate and Gorilla Accounting Join Forces


As a CIS worker, being paid by Bishopsgate, you will need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return come 31st January 2020. 

The good news is Bishopsgate have teamed up with Gorilla Accounting to offer all our CIS workers preferential rates (£100 plus VAT*) on all self-assessment tax returns. Gorilla Accounting offer a quick and easy service, all you have to do is complete their online questionnaire and they do the rest.. ensuring your tax return is completed and submitted on time. It couldn’t be easier. 

Gorilla offers a straight forward, hassle-free self-assessment service and providing we receive all the information from the customer we can provide a fast turnaround time.  We are happy to prepare self-assessments which contain various forms of income and expenses and happy to make required tax adjustments with CIS deductions considered.  

If you would like your 2018/19 return to be prepared by Gorilla Accounting, please complete our questionnaire and select “other” as the accountant.


To find out more or ask any questions please contact a Bishopsgate customer representative today, call us  0203 019 4990 or email us



* £100 plus VAT is our standard price for a basic tax return, should your tax affairs be particularly complex then further fees may apply.  We will review the completed questionnaire and any supporting evidence and provide you with an individual quote if appropriate. To ensure that the filing deadline for 2018/2019 tax year is met then all documents need to be with us by no later than 20 December 2019.